Positioning on search engines and penalties

Eh, because Google is always looking for quality and wants to reward (even if it does not always succeed) who plays according to its rules. Your SEO consultant, in addition to having to defend your business from algorithmic updates of big G (more than 500 a year), as well as ensuring that your SEO strategy adapts to new ways of using the web (think about how they appear different search results from your Smartphone and your tablet from which almost 50% of traffic arrives) must be careful to avoid manual or algorithmic penalties that Mountain View engineers release to win the fight against spam and low quality results .

Have you ever heard of quality rater, Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird?

Now almost monthly there are releases to ensure the goodness of the search results and if you run into a penalty, believe me it's not a good thing. As I said before, if you have turned to the right agency, which has not forced your hand to get an unnatural positioning using tricks and mezzucci but has focused on the quality of written content following the rules of SEO Copywriting, you can feel comfortable (even if Google occasionally declares war on legitimate techniques such as guest blogging), if instead a dirty job has been done, tries to repair as soon as possible, starts to focus on well done work and not on expedients.

If I can not get the placement on Google that I want?

It's something that can happen, but you do not have to despair: the careful analysis of the SERP is essential.

Knowing what kind of results users are looking for (and to which Google gives preference) when they enter queries, it is essential to study a winning strategy of organic visibility.

These analyzes will allow a good SEO Agency to tell you realistically, after understanding the objectives of your business and your potential, what you can do and study with you a plan to ensure visits, traffic and returns.

If you can get the top positions on search engines for the keyword sensitive and high traffic, well, but still sometimes this could not happen, studying a strategy of Local SEO, or long tail keyword, with a good plan of Inbound marketing , a serious agency will take you, in time, the results you can realistically aspire to.

If, on examining your situation, it emerges that you have no means, time, patience to succeed with an SEO strategy, a good WEB agency will be able to advise you on the right SEM strategy or will direct you to the market place, the portals generalists, OTAs, the right social commerce channels for your business. The web does not do miracles and not everyone can do business with the Internet, but the Net is still the most democratic market that exists and if you have something valid to offer you can also carve out your niche, your glimpse into an ever expanding universe and full of opportunities.

Do you need SEO advice or a web strategy? Contact us: time is your best ally.

SEO consultant or 360 ° SEO agency?

If you are exhausted you can leave the page but if you want to know just about everything …. I will help you answer the last question: you will discover the type of advice that is right for you, the one that can really make you turn.

An SEO specialist consultant or a 360 ° consultant able to evaluate the health of my business on the web?

What do you really need to take off your business or profession? "

The 10 cases in which you really need an agency

As you understand above I talked to you from SEO (consultant) now I speak to you as a business owner trying to recap one of the situations for which you need an industry professional. If you are looking for a search engine expert you are certainly in one of the following situations:

  1. you have to create a site and you know that a simple showcase site, however phantasmagoric it may be, is actually like the song by Cocciante, "Bello senz'anima". If a website does not bring visits and does not intercept new users and potential contacts is useless (unless you work for Ferrari, for Chanel, for Apple or brand of similar caliber), it is like a good magazine that nobody will flip through. So you do not want to simply "build a site" but you are looking for a powerful engine that can accelerate your activity and your profession and you started off on the right foot (congratulations, in Italy you're one of the few!);
  2. you already have a site, but it is only visited by you and your four friends. Maybe you have entrusted to a local web agency, a relative or friend of the friend, or you believed the handyman sellers of companies that make photocopy sites (soulless) in industrial quantities and now you realized that to save you wasted . (If you have relied on the site farm you have not even spared: you pay an annual fee for exuding in exchange for nothing!). You threw money, you wasted time, and you left so many potential customers while maybe your competitor … (if you fall into this category do not worry, you're in good company and you have time to remedy, but remember that late arrivals badly);
  3. you want to try to break abroad and you need a consultant or specialist specialist in SEO International, and as you know, depending on your target market Yandex, Baidu, Bing and Yahoo can come in handy … (congratulations you are a really smart guy and you will go far);
  4. you had a good business that used the web and search engine marketing as a lever, but you lost positions, traffic and a lot of money because:
  5. you have been penalized by Google. Your old SEO consultant maybe used not legitimate techniques and to guarantee immediate results, make you be first on search engines with means and mezzucci, to get paid the parcel, has traveled dangerous paths and now the consequences you pay (If you fall into This category does not blame too much, it happens even to the best, but if you were warned … Consciously or unconsciously you are the victim of the monstrous animals that Google uses to flush out the scoundrels: Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, the Humphrey Mephistophelic. in this case it is to hurry up: every day that passes you lose money and chance to recover);
  6. you have launched the new site, the blog or the e-commerce convinced to improve and maybe because you did not turn to a good SEO consultant or your agency did not have adequate skills, you made a painful hole in the water. (Even if you fall into this category there have also fallen internationally renowned brands, the only advice I give you is to hurry up.First try to remedy the error, the greater the chances of getting back the badly removed);
  7. you have been attacked by a competitor who has broken your site (negative SEO) for illegal purposes and is causing you to run into penalties (and therefore you are losing ranking and visits) or is showing your visitors something for another (This believe me it is a hateful and unacceptable situation, but in the world there have always been the bad guys and when it comes to money …);
  8. you did not do much to achieve excellent visibility on SERP (search engine results pages) and your competitors, who understood the equation positioning on Google = money, they moved to run for cover and they are "stealing" "(This time licitly) customers, opportunities, revenues and future (perhaps turning to the right SEO agency (which has directed them on the right path to oust natural life during.) The market sometimes makes bad jokes!);
  9. have made you believe that the pay per click, (incorrectly called SEM and that in itself is a great tool to achieve specific goals) that pay the visibility on Google at the auction equivalent to being positioned organically on search engines … (in In this case, I think you're feeling cheated.) Now unfortunately you have discovered that if you do not insert the coin the game does not work or that the game has become too expensive or better uneconomical (an expensive thing can still be convenient and cheap if the benefits or ROI are higher than the costs. and the return is 1.1 continue to spend otherwise you are a tawny!);
  10. Then there is a sui generis case: maybe you have a good ranking and excellent visibility in SERP, intercept the right queries (the queries) you have chosen the appropriate keywords but your site does not convert (your e-commerce does not sell, not receive requests for a quote, your blog does not bear fruit).

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