The negative SEO: your agency defends you from the bad guys?

From the picture that I have done you will have understood that if you want to approach the SEO professionally and guarantee an excellent positioning you have to contact experienced professionals.

The visibility in SERP is so important for the business that competitors try to steal your visits or make you disappear from the pages of organic results playing dirty.


Trying to puncture your site, to duplicate your content, to fill in unnatural links and to use a series of dirty techniques (black hat) able to make you the most remarkable damage making you look like a villain in the eyes of Google. If you find yourself under attack by negative SEO hackers, then contact an SEO Agency as soon as possible to know how to remedy the problem before it is too late.

Positioning on search engines and penalties

Eh, because Google is always looking for quality and wants to reward (even if it does not always succeed) who plays according to its rules. Your SEO consultant, in addition to having to defend your business from algorithmic updates of big G (more than 500 a year), as well as ensuring that your SEO strategy adapts to new ways of using the web (think about how they appear different search results from your Smartphone and your tablet from which almost 50% of traffic arrives) must be careful to avoid manual or algorithmic penalties that Mountain View engineers release to win the fight against spam and low quality results .

Have you ever heard of quality rater, Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird?

Now almost monthly there are releases to ensure the goodness of the search results and if you run into a penalty, believe me it's not a good thing. As I said before, if you have turned to the right agency, which has not forced your hand to get an unnatural positioning using tricks and mezzucci but has focused on the quality of written content following the rules of SEO Copywriting, you can feel comfortable (even if Google occasionally declares war on legitimate techniques such as guest blogging), if instead a dirty job has been done, tries to repair as soon as possible, starts to focus on well done work and not on expedients.

If I can not get the placement on Google that I want?

It's something that can happen, but you do not have to despair: the careful analysis of the SERP is essential.

Knowing what kind of results users are looking for (and to which Google gives preference) when they enter queries, it is essential to study a winning strategy of organic visibility.

These analyzes will allow a good SEO Agency to tell you realistically, after understanding the objectives of your business and your potential, what you can do and study with you a plan to ensure visits, traffic and returns.

If you can get the top positions on search engines for the keyword sensitive and high traffic, well, but still sometimes this could not happen, studying a strategy of Local SEO, or long tail keyword, with a good plan of Inbound marketing , a serious agency will take you, in time, the results you can realistically aspire to.

If, on examining your situation, it emerges that you have no means, time, patience to succeed with an SEO strategy, a good WEB agency will be able to advise you on the right SEM strategy or will direct you to the market place, the portals generalists, OTAs, the right social commerce channels for your business. The web does not do miracles and not everyone can do business with the Internet, but the Net is still the most democratic market that exists and if you have something valid to offer you can also carve out your niche, your glimpse into an ever expanding universe and full of opportunities.

Do you need SEO advice or a web strategy? Contact us: time is your best ally.

SEO consultant or 360 ° SEO agency?

If you are exhausted you can leave the page but if you want to know just about everything …. I will help you answer the last question: you will discover the type of advice that is right for you, the one that can really make you turn.

An SEO specialist consultant or a 360 ° consultant able to evaluate the health of my business on the web?

What do you really need to take off your business or profession? "

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