The SEO advice of the best agency for your needs

Being an ' SEO agency and providing the best advice to your business for a good organic positioning (also called algorithmic or natural) on Google is a task much more difficult than it happened until not long ago.

The only concern of consultants and web agencies specialized in search engine optimization , when search engines were less "intelligent" and less aggressive competition, was to make the customer appear on the front page of results (SERP) Google, Bing, Yahoo !, Yandex and so on and so forth (those with a little 'more experience will also mention Lycos and Altavista).

2017: Google has changed and SEO agencies?

Even today many SEO agencies guarantee the first positions on SERPs to unsuspecting customers for a series of sensitive keywords WITHOUT NEARLY STUDYING THE REFERENCE SECTOR (something written in this way knows a bit of hoax: what is the search intent behind the queries of your market? who are your competitors on SERPs? how are their sites? what content marketing activities do they do? how often do they update content? how much do they invest? since they are online? are brands? what link profiles do they have? I could continue almost indefinitely).

In fact, be first on Google or in the first positions of search engines for keywords (keywords) important for their market (read: those most searched) that attract the largest volumes of traffic and for the largest number of searches (or queries) long tail or long tail (the related terms) guaranteed (and still does) at least in terms of visits, the success of the activity on the web (and not only).

An SEO agency able to provide excellent support and advice, taking advantage of the knowledge of the functioning of the algorithms of Google, Bing, Yahoo & co. he had done his job well, guaranteeing interested visitors (leads and prospects), contacts and perhaps contracts (but this depended and depends above all on companies).

Thanks to a good job of positioning on search engines, even relatively small businesses could take advantage of the wave of visits generated by Big G and become leaders in their market.

In fact, while most of businesses and professionals who had not understood the logic of the web, looking for a site window maybe beautiful and better if in flash (complaining then to have thrown their money), the smartest have realized that the success to increase visibility, contacts and contracts, it was in the SEO optimization of the site and the consequent positioning on search engines: they understood before others the fundamental importance of visibility on the Google Serp and the meaning of selecting the best SEO agency.

If you consider that the web is more and more consulted to obtain indications, data, products, itineraries, guides, images, videos, telephone numbers (specialized sources estimate that more than 3 billion people daily search on similar Google) understand the importance of the activity that an SEO consultancy or an SEO agency can have for your business.

Google, which in Italy and Europe is the search engine with its 90% market share (or nine out of 10 searches are made on Big G), is a formidable ally (not the only truth) to let you know or make your company known.

If your site or blog is not well optimized and positioned for the keywords that interest you, it will be practically invisible to the people of the "searchers" of the web, that is useless: on the contrary, if you find yourself on the page of 10 blue links you are Spotlight the world of what you have to offer (and not random visitors) for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

(This is an example: with the entry of Universal Search for 10 years the 10 blue links are not shown and an SEO agency able in 2017 is able to position you with the best content for the keywords of your interest).

The value that the choice of the best team of SEO consultants can make to your business

The value of good visibility resulting from an excellent positioning is invaluable especially for a little known brand: companies that have a recognizable and appreciated brand, however, have their own audience and their own market.

For outsiders it is possible to obtain recognizability also with other methods: transmitting spots on TV or radio, buying spaces on the pages in magazines or online banners, covering the city with useless posters, and I could continue, but with what costs and with what results? Above all, qualified traffic coming from search engines is also important for another reason, because Seth Godin has taught us that "the age of Marketing (and advertising) that interrupts and disturbs, is over".

Being visible in SERP for the right queries (research) is the ideal example of how to make the most of permissive marketing: customers want what you have to show or offer. Thanks to the work of a good SEO agency you can grow your business by providing a useful service to your potential client (not bad!). Moreover, compared to traditional channels, good positioning has lasting effectiveness and once acquired requires much less effort and effort to be maintained.

The traffic generated by requests consists of "hot" contacts, interested, not random people, people looking for what your site offers: they are all potential customers profiled, the best your business can ask.

Because I need SEO optimization and positioning

Summing up: SEO = Sales (or opportunities) at an excellent quality / price ratio.

SEO is essential for every activity but is ideal especially for small businesses, bloggers and startups that do not have big budgets but aim to achieve important and lasting results. The investments required to develop and implement a good SEO strategy are among those that generate the greatest return on investment (ROI) over time.

Confirming the importance of choosing the right SEO agency I bring you the latest data from the American market: Google is by far the most important source of organic traffic with almost 70% of requests (in Europe we are over 90%, a natural monopoly) or more than 13,000,000,000 searches only in October 2014.

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